Family Law

Our firm handles the following Family law matters: Divorce, Child Custody, Paternity, Child Support, Adoption, Name Change, Child Support Establishment, Child Support Enforcement, Visitation Establishment, Visitation Enforcement, Contempt, Protective Order, International Child Support Establishment/Enforcement, International Visitation Establishment/Enforcement, International Divorce and many more.

Family law matters are cases that bring turmoil to the client and children. This is the reason why the goal of this firm is to reach agreements in the most expeditious and cost efficient manner. The vast majority of our clients have had their family law disputes resolved amicably. If litigation is required, we strive for our clients’ success. Relief we have successfully obtained for our clients includes: orders for support, custody or visitation, and exclusive occupancy of the residence, and many other forms of relief available. Attorney Catherine H. del Valle has represented matters brought by the Attorney General regarding child support cases.